The Learning Tree was established in 1976 as a community outreach mission by St John Evangelical United Church of Christ. It serves parents who want to offer their children experiences in a Christian environment that will:

Stimulate creativity and self expression

Develop academic concepts and skills

Foster communication and language development

Emphasize fine and gross monster skills appropriate for the development of two, three, four and five year olds.

We believe that childhood is a happy time and can be enjoyed and cherished. We believe in communication and cooperation between school and home is essential if we are to create an environment conductive to learning. We believe in the uniqueness of individuals and consider each child in developing programs to serve then. we believe that by offering quality learning experiences, our children can develop enthusiasm for like and learning. We believe that a child’s work is play, play with a purpose.

Our Preschool has been inspected and complies with all public health and State Fire Marshal standards. The Learning Tree Preschool has been registered with the Madison County Regional Superintendent of Schools and the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.